How not to miss really important events?


The idea of the project appeared very spontaneously. I mean, at the beginning it wasn’t a project at all, there was only a desire to know about the future milongas in our city (these are parties where people dance a tango) we went in for It with the wife then. It turned out that it wasn’t so simple because one club could hold parties one time a month, another – every week, and each club had its site or group in social nets where it announced this arrangement. To enter all groups and to litter the news feed or to monitor sites constantly – it didn’t seem an excellent solution to me. Then I had a thought:  how it would be awesome to have such service where you just entered the interests – and you can receive notices of all events corresponding to your hobbies. Here after that the idea began to take shape of the project – I told guys, who I’ve worked with, about this thought, we began to develop it. Decided that here it was possible to add notices of actions of various companies corresponding to interests of the user that could be an option of possible monetization.



Now about that what we’ve got. Favoraim is a personal digest of events. Service selects only those events and offers which are interesting to the user and which take place directly near him (in the user’s city or in the area- it is possible to set up). For example, if you are a startuper, you are interested in technologies and robots, your list will contain conferences and master classes for young businessmen, technological exhibitions, parties of startupers, etc. If you are an exemplary family man, you adore spending time with children; you will find in your list various festivals for all the family, master classes for children and parents. It isn’t necessary to look for this information separately anywhere: you just go to the application or visit the site and you enjoy the selection of activities that suit you.




How we made it? At first sight, all information is selected in accordance with specified interests of the user; however, our system is based not only on them, but also on behavior of a user and similar users. On the basis of the last point we select recommendations for the user. As well, we solved a problem of cold start for events which haven’t had any likes or viewings by other users yet – using the genetic algorithm. We don’t take any data from the user’s computer, we analyze just that is made by the user in system.


In addition, we met with a problem that one semantic unit can be described by absolutely different words: for example, words and phrases “whovian”, “Doctor Who fan”, “series Doctor Who” have one essence, but writing is different. We created such system where this detail is considered: doesn’t matter how the user has pointed his interest – we will consider it, in any case. The base of interests is constantly updated – we take synonyms to semantic unit from events added by users, as well, from the analysis of search queries.

This regard events and users connecting.  But before such connection the theme of the event should be determined. We solved this problem by using the multiple classification in order that the system could automatically place tags to each added event. Naturally, it is not always perfect (for the present), but the system is “alive” – it can be trained by creating communications between subjects. For example, if the system defines that the loaded event is a rock concert and if the manager added the music tag to similar actions several times, further she starts adding this tag.


Moreover, our system has one interesting function – Favoraim can operate in any country and at any language absolutely. It is enough to connect the necessary dictionary and to add events. We conceived this function not at the first stage of development; therefore, a lot of time was required to change the system architecture. But, as a result, it turned out that Favoraim is an ideal guide on events in business trip or to travel. The person can live in the USA, use the application over there, then go to travel across Europe and there also receive local information on events corresponding his interests. As well, thanks to it it is easy to scale our product.


For business

It seems to us that this project is simply a brilliant decision for small business – as a big quantity of companies move ahead due to holding events. It is relatively not so expensive, but it is quite effective. Moreover, with publishing events in Favoraim it is possible to reach the target audience directly. For example, a shop of comics holds a meeting with a writer. If to add this event to Favoraim, both fans of comics, and admirers of this writer will learn about it.




At the moment not only monetization start is in our plans, as well, we want so much to agitate small business to use Favoraim as a non-standard way of promotion. In general, it is possible to carry out various actions with larger companies – with clothing stores, for example.

Actually, plans are grandiose. For example, personal recommendations in concrete shop. So that it could be possible to check, if there is something interesting in this shopping center without having enter it yet. It could be recommendations about departments in it, concrete items or events which will take place in the next dates. Indoor-navigation could be used here, as well. Perhaps, it is an idea for a separate project, but the base of interests could be general for both of them.


Each person is individual – everyone has his interests

We consider that today there is too much information surrounding the human, and it is necessary to have the tool selecting the suitable on the basis of personal interests. This is the direction we are engaged in.


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